Lookbook Spring – Summer 2022

High-Tech gegen die Elemente – aus Schweden

Wer einmal Cross getragen hat, will nie wieder etwas anderes. Das Geheimnis ist FTX™, ein Material, das die Eigenschaften weichen Stoffes mit einer Membran verbindet. FTX™ Stretch ist zudem ein Material, das sehr flexibel ist. Das Resultat: Wasserdicht (Wassersäule von 10.000 bis 20.000 mm), hoch atmungsaktiv (10.000 bis 20.000 g/ m2/24 h), dabei aber so angenehm zu tragen wie eine Softshell-Jacke.

Cross bietet seine Kollektion in 2- und 3-Schicht-Qualitäten an. Durch all dies und noch vieles mehr erlaubt Cross die volle Bewegungsfreiheit. Mit Cross ist das Wetter beim Golfen also keine Ausrede mehr …

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Cross Sportswear have adapted to face and overcome the challenges that nature throws at us, but we have never sacrificed our freedom to move or our style in the process. Sweden’s climate and environment have shaped us as people, golfers/skiers and designers. And that’s why we’re good at this. It’s embedded in our DNA. In Sweden, there’s this old saying, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” This is where Cross Sportswear was born. And these are the words we’ve lived by ever since.

Bamboo Magic – die beste Faser im Sport

Bambuskohle gemischt mit recyceltem Polyester ergibt einen Super-Mix, der wesentlich haltbarer und geruchsresistenter ist. So wollte Cross Sportswear schon immer, dass sich Sportbekleidung verhält. Hautfreundlich, strapazierfähig, schnell trocknend und riecht auch nach der Golf-Runde neutral.


Over the years Cross Sportswear has acquired unique knowledge and experience when it comes to sourcing fabrics and materials for creating garments that allows passionate users to perform optimally in their sports without being restrained by their clothing.

FTX is our patented microporous membrane technology used in most of our high performance garments. The ultra-thin membrane is applied to an outer fabric to insure total waterproofness while retaining an extremely high level of breathability. The membrane is combined with different outer fabrics to suit specific needs.


FTX is available in two or three layer fabrics. In the two layer fabric (2L), only the shell and membrane are included in a sandwich lamination. In the three layer (3L), a third layer of lining is included in a sandwich lamination.


All FTX garments withstand a water pressure of over 10.000-20.000 mm – well above the minimum requirements for waterproofness. Seams on all FTX garments are tape-sealed and all fabrics impregnated to be both water repellent as well as waterproof.


The FTX ultrathin membrane is laminated (glued under pressure) to the inside of the outer fabric. The membrane release water molecules in the form of steam from our body and protect the wearer from getting wet from outside by water. The difference in temperature and the so-called steam pressure between the inside and outside of the fabric is what drives the steam out through the fabric.


Movement without restrictions is crucial to perform at your best. Our clothes are made to give you the freedom to move and tackle any challenge that comes your way. We use elastic combinations in all our garments that allows the garment to stretch and move together with the user. This function also adds comfort, fit, shape retention and durability.


Nature’s own super material. Wool insulates us even when it is wet and cool us down when we are hot. Wool contains the natural quality to reduce the odour from bacteria. Wool has a natural UV-protection of around 30+.